About Us
VJEM Trading Inc

VJEM came into existance with a simple and integruing idea of harnessing strengths of business relationships and bring quality products to new and emerging markets. Our aim is to seek answers to challenging issues and requirements by evaluating inherent business needs. By bridging the gap between different domains we help our clients realize their bottomline.

We provide strategic consulting, souring, supervison and advanced technical services to a variety of busineeses in different market domains. We evaluate individual customer requirements and help in sourcing tailored products, designing specific service portfolios where knowledge, technology and experience can make the difference.

What We Do ?
Our Services
Strategy Consulting
Strategy Consulting implies advising companies on saving money in a challenging market environment. Taking decisions that are vital to the future of a company by considering every possible business angle.
Product Sourcing
Product sourcing is a critical part of business function that we can help with. Finding the right product from genuine source to resell is our core expertise.
Project Supervision
We have experience and insights in providing project supervision. We can provide Companies with technical resources to supervise large projects and liase with main contractor, consultant and client.
Third Party Verification
We provide service to verify and product source, quality and conformity to terms of purchase.
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3172 Cole Cres.
Burlington, ON L7M 0A4
+416 294 0629